Windows 10: Should you make the switch?

Now that Windows 10 is out and Microsoft is offering a free upgrade for existing windows users many people ask should we upgrade and what are the benefits.  It is important for users to look at what impact doing an upgrade might have on them before you proceeded.

In some cases your current version of windows might be the only version compatible with some of your programs and printers.  If your business uses some applications or hardware that are specific to your industry you would want to check with these product vendors before upgrading.  Another thing to consider is the speed and age of your existing computer.  Although Windows 10 is a smaller operating system and can run on most new computers, your older computer might end up running slower after the upgrade.  Lastly is the impact on you and the way you are used to working on your computer.  Windows 10 looks similar to Windows 8 and seems to be a big improvement for ease of use.

So if you are running Windows 8 and are used to it you will probably love Windows 10.  Windows 10 looks a lot different than Windows 7 and even though it is a good operating system you might have to get used to things looking differently once you move.

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